• Testimonials

  • I've been in LA for 10 years and hadn't yet found a dentist I liked. I needed a deep cleaning when my gums got super swollen and painful. I'd only been to this office once before but they squeezed me in really quick. The office is really nice and clean. The best part is their hygienist Sandy though. Deep cleanings requiring numbing and she was so gentle and patient with my fear of needles. Also incredibly knowledgable about any questions I had. My mouth was barely even sore after - I would seriously go back just for her.

    The only down side is the parking - beware of the street signs around. Definitely still worth it though. Thank you so much Sandy!!

    Tara S.

  • What can I say?? This is the best darn dentist office I've ever been to. The entire staff is extremely welcoming. Even with me having to go back multiple times because I cracked my temporary waiting on my crown. Because I have such a strong bite. The staff and Doctors made me feel right at home each time. I enjoy offices that don't mind cracking a laugh or two with me because I have such a big personality.

    I would strongly recommend making this your dentist. I've already referred friends who love it here. The have helped me get the smile I've always wanted and I couldn't be more thankful. To the entire team! You ladies rock!

    Willie L.

  • I don't know how I haven't written a review for Miracle Smile yet- I've been coming here for almost four years, initially because it was right down the street from where I live, and now because I trust them and will only go to them.

    My first experience was with some ill fitting crowns I had from a previous dentist- they recommended replacing both, which I was hesitant about and asked for my films so I could get a second opinion. They emailed them within minutes and ultimately my second opinion agreed too - after the crowns were replaced the fit was perfect. Years later I needed a root canal; they coordinate with some very talented endodontists and even though it's not a fun procedure it was as quick and tolerable as could be. Afterward I had some residual pain and they were very receptive and helpful despite how frustrated I was. I appreciate how responsive and knowledgeable they are.

    I usually go to Dr. Bae for basic cavities, check ups, etc. She is intelligent, friendly, and conservative in her judgment- she won't make you do procedures unless she really thinks they are needed.

    All of the hygienists are so kind, attentive, and give great advice. I have sensitive teeth and they are cognizant of that, and have suggested helpful things for me to do to prevent further gum and enamel wear and tear.

    Listen, nobody likes going to the dentist - but when you have to go, you want to make sure you can trust them. You can trust these guys- because I'm not quick to judge, and I took 4 years to write this review.

    L P.

  • I hadn't been to the dentist in over 10 years because I had a really terrible experience growing up. So you can imagine what terrible shape my teeth were in.

    I've gone to see Dr. Bae three times in the past few months and I've gotten 8 fillings altogether. I still have to get a crown and a few other things, but so far my experience has been amazing.

    Dr. Bae is an expert and really cares for her patients. She will always pause to make sure everything is okay before she moves on. Thank you Dr. Bae for your care and expertise!

    Overall, I highly recommend Miracle Smile!

    Peter K.